Lauren Hutchens, M.P.H.

As a member of the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation’s communications team, Lauren Hutchens helps tell the powerful stories of the institute’s 490 faculty members who are working to better understand and improve health care and health policy. She has more than 15 years of experience in communications across academia, government, industry and nonprofit organizations, primarily in the fields of public health, health services research and policy, and mental health.

Health Lab
A High-Tech Camera that Could Improve Eye Care
A complex camera has the potential to help doctors get a clearer, more accurate look at the human eye. How a trio of U-M experts from different fields made the discovery.
Health Lab
What’s It Worth? New Shingles Vaccine Offers a Chance to Measure the Value of Prevention
Learn about Shingrix, a vaccine to prevent shingles in older adults coming to market in 2018, and how this shingles immunization will continue to be evaluated.
Health Lab
How Oncologists Can Help Oral Chemotherapy Patients Manage Their Adherence
Learn how oncology practices can help improve the safety and quality of care for cancer patients administering oral chemotherapy at home.
Health Lab
Innovations in Hospital Payment Models: the Pros and Cons of Bundled Payments
U-M researcher discusses the pros and cons of Medicare bundled payments. See how the CMS bundled payment model for joint replacement is affecting hospitals.