Emily Kagey

Emily Kagey is a science writer for the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute, where she develops feature articles, press releases, newsletters and other written content to promote the variety of research conducted within the LSI. Prior to joining the LSI, she worked in nonprofit communications and academic publishing for more than 10 years.
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liver cancer cells microscopic cells
Health Lab
Researchers identify a hormone from fat cells that reprogram the liver microenvironment and restrain tumor growth in mice
Molecular changes in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease could serve as potential therapeutic targets to halt the cells’ progression to liver cancer.
scale tile floor tape measure
Health Lab
Obesity in mice lowered by increasing effects of key weight-regulating hormone
Technique can make the body more sensitive to leptin
colorful cells proteins in microscopic view
Health Lab
New study clarifies how one protein helps maintain a healthy cellular supply chain
The findings reveal more about the process essential for maintaining cellular health and function.
brain pathways blue orange web
Health Lab
Protein in the brain uses energy status to influence maturation, body size
A study in mice identifies link between reproductive status and metabolism.
Health Lab
Finding Curative Potential Within a Gene Mutation
Training one gene to “pinch hit” for its twin could be a possible treatment for a type of congenital anemia, new research finds.
Health Lab
Brain Protein That Helps Regulate Body Fat May Guide Anti-Obesity Drugs
A new study in mice finds that absence of a regulatory brain protein could hold the key to stimulating healthy weight loss.
Health Lab
Form Reveals Function in New Study of HIV-Fighting Protein
How a visualization — and a new understanding — of a class of “defender proteins” may help scientists fight HIV infection.