Aubree Gordon
Professor of Public Health, University of Michigan

Dr. Gordon's research interests are the areas of infectious disease epidemiology and global health. Her current research focuses on the epidemiologic features and transmission of influenza in Nicaragua. Data on influenza in the tropics is fairly scarce, and even basic issues such as the seasonality of influenza in the tropics has not been defined. She currently has several ongoing field studies set in Managua, Nicaragua: a large-scale prospective pediatric cohort study examining the burden of influenza in Nicaraguan children and characterizing the seasonality of influenza in Nicaragua; the Household Study of Influenza Transmission, which characterizes the transmission parameters of influenza in Nicaraguan households, including urban slum households, and examines individual and household risk factors for influenza transmission; the Influenza and RSV in Infants Study, which characterizes the hospitalized burden of influenza and RSV; and the Nicaraguan Birth Cohort Study, which follows infants from birth to two-years of age to characterize respiratory infections in the first years of life, when children are at the highest risk for pneumonia and death from pneumonia. In addition, Dr. Gordon collaborates on several ground-breaking studies on dengue, Zika, and chikungunya.

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