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People cheer in the stands at a Michigan football game
Medicine at Michigan
Football fun
Photo essay of the October 2023 football game between U-M and Indiana. Photos feature alums of the U-M Medical School, who attended the alumni reunion that weekend.
Illustration of a doctor crossing a bridge to a patient. The bridge is on top of two giant letters spelling AI.
Medicine at Michigan
A crash course in AI
A broad overview of Michigan Medicine’s approach to artificial intelligence, including its safe, ethical, and transparent use
Cartoon-like illustration of worried parents looking at a teen who is accessing apps on her cell phone. App logos float in the air around them.
Medicine at Michigan
We've been asking the wrong questions about kids and screen time
A researcher at Michigan Medicine is asking different questions and finding fresh answers that put less pressure on parents and more on the tech industry.
Illustration of the head and shoulders of a man with a long, gray beard wearing a camouflage cowboy hat
Medicine at Michigan
Skip's big gift
Michael "Skip" Gattyan had such a good experience as a patient at Michigan Medicine that he decided to bequeath his body to the Medical School. Now his body is helping to teach future physicians.
Otherworldly illustration of a bald person with cords coming out of their head. The cords are attached to a large brain behind them. The brain is split in half, and inside of it stands a person-like creature with a large eyeball for a head.
Medicine at Michigan
Serious about psychedelics
Researchers and clinicians are using psychedelic drugs to address chronic pain and depression.
Two medical students wearing masks and gloves inspect an anatomical donor in the anatomy lab. There are educational skeletons in the background.
Medicine at Michigan
An afterlife in higher education
Anatomical donors play an essential role in teaching medical students anatomy, pathology, and compassion
A medical student in a white coat takes the blood pressure of a standardized patient (medical actor) who is wearing a medical gown and sitting on an exam table. They are both smiling.
Medicine at Michigan
Acting sick
Standardized patients (aka medical actors) help medical students practice patient care.
A mom snuggles with her two elementary-age children on a couch
Medicine at Michigan
Portraits of love
The journeys of behavioral health patients at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital are not easy, especially in the midst of a national children's mental health crisis. But families and health care providers are doing their best for the children and adolescents they love.
Black and white illustration of the exterior of the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Health Care Pavilion.
Medicine at Michigan
What can a building be?
The D. Dan and Betty Kahn Health Care Pavilion will open its doors to patients in the fall of 2024. While the hospital is under construction, experts are anticipating a new kind of health care building that will be both high-tech and "homey."
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