Hospital Arts Projects
Woman's hand holding pencial with colorful bracelets on wrist and art supplies on table

Explore and Enjoy

Hospital Arts are for the entire Michigan Medicine community to explore, download and enjoy.

Projects for the Entire Community
Two women smiling and holding coloring books and art projects
Original Art Coloring Books

Download pages now of in-house created coloring books on local themes, or request a book for someone in your care.

Discover or request coloring pages
Hand holding green colored pencil coloring a Hamsa Hand project
Hamsa Hands

The Hamsa Hand is appreciated around the world as a symbol of protection and good fortune. Here you will find several different designs to choose from.

Learn about Hamsa Hands
Special Art Workshops

Gifts of Art offers art-making workshops on the main medical campus. Find workshops in the events listing.

Patient Services

You can make art, record a story for someone special, change the art in your room, or request a visit from a musician right at the bedside. Find out about bedside art services for yourself, your guests, or someone in your care.

Community Art

Collaborative art projects are the heart of community art, and many of our community art pieces have become part of the Michigan Medicine permanent collection.

Hospital to Home Video collection

The Hospital to Home Video Collection makes it easy to continue art projects once you've left the hospital.