Community Health Planning and Investment
Improving Health and Increasing Access for All

Welcome to Community Health Planning and Investment, home to Community Benefit, Community Health Needs Assessment and the Healthcare Anchor Network.

About Us
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Making a Difference in Our Community

Our Purpose

Michigan Medicine is committed to excellence not only within the exam room and the operating room, but also within the communities we serve. We recognize that healthy patients start with healthy communities, and we are dedicated to understanding the health of our community and working to address the community's health needs.

Caring for Everyone

As a world-class academic medical center, we treat and care for everyone, including those who have barriers to accessing healthcare, and we create and participate in outreach programs and services designed to improve health and help the entire community, including those who may never be U-M Health patients.

Group of people looking at sticky notes on board. Areas

Community Health planning is made up of three areas:

  • Community Benefit (CB)
  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
  • Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN)
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  • Healthcare workers wearing PPE kit smiles for the camera. Programs

    Some of our community benefit programs include:

    • Pediatric Trauma & Injury Prevention
    • Maternal Infant Health Program
    • Cancer Center Outreach and Engagement
    • Community Health Services
  • Learn more about Community Outreach and Engagement Programs
  • Group of people discussing and writing notes. Investments

    The proposals focused on three priority health areas:

    • Mental health and substance use disorders
    • Obesity and related illness
    • Pre-conceptual and perinatal  health
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