Noah Fromson
Public Relations Representative

Fromson joined Michigan Medicine in March 2021. He covers the neurosciences and cardiovascular medicine. He spent three years as a television reporter in West Michigan and is passionate about multimedia storytelling. Contact: [email protected] Twitter: @noahfromson

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brain stem blue green slice
Health Lab
Monoclonal antibodies preserve stem cells in mouse brains, bring promise for future studies
Using antibodies instead of traditional drugs, stem cells last significantly longer when used in pre-clinical animal models.
MRI tube woman scan machine
Health Lab
Functional, nonepileptic seizures show structural abnormalities in brain scans, study shows
A new study of MRI scans reveal structural abnormalities in the brains of people with functional, nonepileptic seizures, which are often misdiagnosed as epilepsy.
supar molecular receptor shapes squiggles
Health Lab
Immune marker suPAR high in patients with heart failure, predicts risk and death
The ability to predict risk was even greater when combined with traditional measures of cardiac stress such as BNP.
doctor mask stethoscope patient chest
Health Lab
Smoking, diabetes and obesity – not pre-existing heart disease, pose a bigger risk of COVID-19 death
A study finds risk factors for cardiovascular disease like smoking, obesity and diabetes, but not pre-existing cardiovascular disease itself, increased the risk of dying from COVID-19.
Hand with green gloves holding nsultrasound scanning a baby's head showing red vei
Health Lab
A way to measure brain blood flow in pre-term babies at the bedside
The ultrasound technique is noninvasive and captures flow in 3D.
Guns in gun case with red flag
Health Lab
Nine ways to prevent firearm tragedies near you
More injuries and deaths from firearms, including guns and rifles, could be prevented if parents and others took steps to lock weapons up, report problem behavior and teach children safety 
Health Lab
Lipids in blood predict nerve damage risk among patients with type 2 diabetes
The findings open up potential to test for biomarkers and facilitate more focused management of patients with the condition.
hospital bed in in critical care room
Health Lab
An emergency department-based ICU improves survival without raising costs
In the study, cost per visit for critically ill patients decreased by more than 20%.
woman holding groceries in bag
Health Lab
Rate of food insecurity skyrockets for Americans with cardiovascular disease, study finds
Study finds diet is the greatest contributor to death from cardiovascular disease.
Hand pouring aspirin pills into hand
Health Lab
Stopping aspirin when on a blood thinner lowers risk of bleeding, study finds
Talk to your doctor about whether taking aspirin can do you more harm than good.
Person welding wearing coveralls and helmet sparks cascading
Health Lab
ALS risk higher among production workers, those exposed to metals, volatile compounds on job
Michigan’s legacy industry and agriculture have led to persistent environmental exposures.
Man leaning against tree by road grabbing his chest
Health Lab
Death rate for torn aorta drops, still 5 times more deadly without surgery
The study finds nearly 96% of patients deemed eligible for surgery survive in the first 48 hours.
smiling child physical therapy signs
Health Lab
Screening and treatment bring hope for children with spinal muscular atrophy 
One in 50 people carry the gene for the neuromuscular condition.
surgical mask showing a b c d e f
Health Lab
Simple rubber band fix improves surgical mask seal to N95 levels, study shows
This easy, cheap fix could help people when and where N95 respirators are in short supply.
small intestine drawing lab notes
Health Lab
How the western diet and gut bacteria can lead to scarring, vessel damage in scleroderma
The same metabolite is linked to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
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