Mary Clare Fischer
Intermediate Public Relations Representative

Fischer promotes innovations in clinical care and tells patient stories on behalf of the Rogel Cancer Center while also managing external communications for Michigan Medicine’s surgery and urology departments and the Transplant Center. Before joining the university, she spent six years as a journalist. She has a passion for elevating translational research, highlighting the human element of science, and using a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion to shape her storytelling. Contact:

Mary Clare Fischer
Father and daughter sitting in office talking to doctor
Health Lab
Meet the team that’s changing cancer experiences for teenagers, young adults
Focused on addressing health disparities, the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program (AYA) at Michigan Medicine centers on more inclusive cancer care for this age group and dedicates its research to health equity for AYA cancer patients.
lab notes rx money badge yellow
Health Lab
Private equity firms are buying more surgical facilities
The number of investments in surgical centers and practices by private equity firms increased every year in the past two decades.
Three syringe needles with vaccines on blue background
Health Lab
Why do some people need a third dose of the COVID vaccine?
We know more now about how immunocompromised people — including organ transplant recipients, certain cancer patients and those on medications that severely suppress the immune system — respond to the COVID vaccine.
doctor patient masks clinic lobby
Health Lab
For cancer care, patients’ relationship with their primary care providers prove crucial
Two studies highlight the important role of PCPs and their communication with patients at various stages of their cancer journeys.
matches lit in childs hand
Health Lab
Six ways to prevent your child from playing with fire
And what to do if they’re already misusing candles, matches, lighters and more.
Women in hat holding dog while on oxygen tube
Health Lab
Getting a shot at life
Although Karey Mushenski was reluctant to get the COVID-19 vaccine, she did so before her lung transplant. That decision may have saved her life.
father drying off daughter on head with white towel with daughter wearing swim cap and goggles.
Health Lab
Keeping afloat during the pandemic
Swimming was how Kara Wolter found solace, especially after her bone cancer diagnosis and leg amputation. But COVID often took away her safe place and delayed her Swim Across America race. Here’s how she ultimately crossed the finish line.
Health Lab
Heated chemotherapy can help some children with cancer
Known as HIPEC, the therapy has been available for adults for years at Michigan Medicine. Now it’s an option for kids here, too.
Stethoscope setting on money
Health Lab
Financial barriers fell for some cancer survivors after Affordable Care Act
Adult patients under 65 were less likely to delay treatment and had less trouble paying for medications or dental care after key features of the landmark health care law were implemented.
Couple sitting together with baby on lap
Health Lab
Transgender couple fulfills dream to become parents
Gender-affirming health care is essential for transgender patients. When Jesse Ballard and Maria Ortiz decided to become parents, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa and their team helped them navigate transmasculine pregnancy and birth.
Woman marathon running with handful of dimes
Health Lab
Woman runs half-marathon on one-year anniversary of complex cancer surgery
Robin Schroeder was determined to continue her active lifestyle, even after she underwent a Whipple, a taxing operation with a difficult recovery period.
chemo medicine bags hanging on IV pole with lab note badge in yellow in background
Health Lab
Chemotherapy does not affect complication rate or patient satisfaction for breast reconstruction
Among those who underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, there were no significant differences in complication rate or patient well-being for women who received chemotherapy as an additional treatment compared to those who did not.
Man leaning over woman hugging and smiling near camper
Health Lab
How the Pandemic Shaped One Man’s Cancer Journey
In 25 years, Chris Cauley had never taken two weeks off of work. As health services were shutting down because of COVID-19, he had to learn how to be a patient.
Woman artist watching a video and painting at table.
Health Lab
When Art Therapy Goes Virtual
One patient transcends her ‘moat’ against COVID-19 while her art therapist finds unexpected benefits to teaching online.
Graphic with three peeople with a shield
Health Lab
If I’m Immunocompromised, Should I Keep Wearing My Mask Once I’m Vaccinated?
Immunocompromised people may have lower efficacy rates of protection against COVID-19 after vaccination. Herd immunity from the immunocompetent remains essential to helping protect this population.
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