Beata Mostafavi
Public Relations Manager

Mostafavi leads media relations and content creation for University of Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital. Prior to joining Michigan Medicine in 2012, Mostafavi spent 10 years as a journalist. Contact: [email protected]

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Health Lab
Harbaugh Fund Helps Mott Patients Virtually Experience the Big House
Every C.S. Mott patient gets access to a cardboard virtual reality headset and an Bbox. Learn more about the Jim Harbaugh Foundation and U-M cardboard viewers.
Olivia and her family of Ohio State fans with their U-M doctor
Health Lab
Buckeye Fan Thankful for Treatment in ‘Enemy Territory’ After Cardiac Arrest
OSU fan with an abnormal heart valve suffered a cardiac arrest on a football field. Hear Olivia's story from AED treatment to receiving an ICD from U-M.
Image of different foods depicting specialty diets
Health Lab
Serving Teens with Special Diets: A Tricky Holiday Recipe
A C.S. Mott poll shows 1 in 6 parents say their teen has tried a specialty diet like gluten-free or paleo. See the poll results & dietary advice for parents.
Picture of cancer survivor and MSU fan Ian
Health Lab
A Little Victor with Spartan Devotion
15 month old received emergency brain surgery when doctors found pediatric brain cancer in his head and spine. Learn more about Ian's pediatric cancer treatment.
Graphic of a child having screen time
Health Lab
AAP: When Your Kids Should — and Shouldn't — Use Digital Media
American Academy of Pediatrics set new guidelines for screen time for kids. Learn how much is too much screen time and other screen time recommendations.
Icons of student extracurricular activities
Health Lab
Pay-to-Play May Keep Some Kids Out of School Activities
The cost of sports and school activities are deterring low income students. See how schools can help students participate in extracurricular activities.
A family on their digital devices
Health Lab
Plugged-In Parenting: How Parental Smartphone Use May Affect Kids
How has technology impacted parenting? Parents are more connected than ever, but plugged in parenting is leading to distracted parenting. See tips on unplugging.
Health Lab
‘Mr. 1 Percent’ Celebrates His Fifth Birthday
Owen's story includes a pediatric heart transplant, pyloric stenosis, & endocardial fibroelastosis. See how Save a Heart helped his family during his treatment.
Health Lab
Identical 5-Year-Old Twins with Identical Cancers
Zane and Zach are 5 year old identical twins that were both diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Learn more about the twins and leukemia risk factors.
Health Lab
Let’s Talk About More Than Sex: Parents in Favor of Expanding Health Education
C.S. Mott poll shows 66% of parents support health education that includes sex education and anti bullying. See more poll results on health education in schools.
Health Lab
Harnessing Immunology to Fight Lethal Pediatric Cancer DIPG
University of Michigan immunologist discusses using immunotherapy to treat pediatric brain cancer. Learn more about the cancer treatments being used for DIPG.
Health Lab
Patient’s Legacy Lives on in a Special Car Show at Mott
Caden’s Car Show at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital raises awareness for organ donation and pediatric heart research. Learn more about Caden and the car show.
Health Lab
Racial Inequity, Violence Climb List of Child Health Concerns for Black Adults
C.S. Mott National Survey Finds black adults rate school violence and racial inequities higher on their list of children’s health concerns than other Americans.
Health Lab
Why Black Teens May Feel Pulled Between Health and Hair
A new study suggests that African-American teens may avoid school-related exercise out of fear of ruining their hair style. Learn why and what can be done about it.
Health Lab
What You Need to Know About Zika This Summer
University of Michigan physician explains the Zika virus. Learn what the Zika virus is, how it is contracted, the symptoms, pregnancy risks, and treatment.
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